Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Inside The Circle

I fit into some jeans today with a waist size smaller than I thought possible for my frame. I fit into them easily.
The circular waistband jump started a pattern of thought that actually began last night during a phone conversation with Lisa, our youngest child. We talked about numerous subjects which is always fun, but somehow I got to rambling about how Christians often make major issues out of minor things. Even actual "major" issues sometimes take on more importance than perhaps they truly least in my mind.

I believe our tendency to do that not only separates us from each other...but also from God.

Lisa and I don't have a lot of theological discussions; she's got lots of folks to choose from for that, not only at Baylor where she's going to school. Her dad is a minister, her step mom is a minister, her uncle, cousin, and grandfather are all ministers plus any number of family members are more steeped in Biblical knowledge than I will likely ever be, if for no other reason than because they were raised in the church.

Mine is certainly a more simplistic theology compared to those who have devoted themselves and their lives to such studies.

Anyway I did recall an illustration that I believe Gordon passed on to me...which I think was passed on to him by someone in seminary. I remember it because it fits into my theology - it's simple...only a circle and three words.

There are a lot of things that fall outside of that circle, but I believe many of us think that circle is smaller than it appears.

Like my blue jeans, we might be surprised how easily we can all fit inside of it.

Within that sphere we are brothers and sisters in Christ and, at least from my view, a lot of the stuff that falls outside the circle doesn't seem quite as monumental.

One by one the seats were empty,
One by one they went away,
Now my family, they are parted,
Will they meet again someday?

Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by Lord, by and by,
There's a better home a-waitin'
In the sky Lord, in the sky.