Monday, September 27, 2004

High Fives & Hard Candy

Steven says his prayers.

Steven is a small boy in our of many children who display God's joy and is learning of God's grace.

He's has been written about before by my friend that time he called him Elliot.

Steven is one of the kids who sit on the blanket with Gordon each Sunday.

When that brief session ends, Steven, and most all the little kids, scampers from the sanctuary down the hall to a classroom for what is essentially children's church. I usually sit at the end of the aisle so the kids run right by me.

Each Sunday as Steven starts to run past he remembers something and invariably stops.

He gives me a high five and then runs on....there are no pleasantries exchanged, it's simply something we always do and it always makes me smile.

I'm not sure how it started. I'm certain it was one of those things I exploited when he became old enough to give me five, and now it's become a tradition. I'm not even sure that Steven knows why he does it, it's one of those things he always does in church and when you're little sometimes it's easier to do than to ask why.

Sometimes when you're big that's true too.

Apparently in Steven's Sunday school class yesterday the kids were given Jolly Rancher candies and instructed to give them to someone in church. Steven gave me one, and I thanked him before putting it in my pocket.

Here I must take a moment to confess that I often wear the clothes I wore to church on Sunday to work on Monday. Usually the first thing I do after church is to change out of my nicer clothes and into something grubbier. Then I have a mostly clean set of clothes already laid out for work...wallet, belt, keys, and such already in place. When you wake up as early as I do, and often dress in the's a blessing believe me.

That's how it worked out today. I was wearing the same pants as yesterday and as I was leaving the office I reached into my pocket to fetch my car keys. That's when I rediscovered Steven's Jolly Rancher. It was watermelon, my favorite. I savored it and thought of precious gifts in small packages.

If you have read Gordon's stories you know that before Steven was even born we prayed for him. Now Steven is four years old and he prays for us. His Mom & Dad have told Amy that Steven says his prayers each night and always asks God to heal Miss Amy.

A precious gift in a small package.

I savor Steven like a hard candy surprise.