Friday, September 24, 2004

Force Feeding

Amy may be on the feeding tube, but I force fed my mind and attitude today.

Minor things were becoming monumental in violation of my basic rule of sanity.

So I fell back on those things which I know quench my thirst for hope, that satiate my hunger for humility.

I scrubbed toilets at the church.

I enjoyed cold pizza with Gordon. We talked about important things like little girls and writing and dreams of writing better. Like ceiling fan dust and devotion.

I came home to confrontation with bills that could bust our hoped for budget.

I put the numbers in perspective and added in a measure of faith.

I got an email that was upsetting...I hit delete and walked away.

I hugged my wife and we worked a crossword puzzle until we both fell asleep.

Now I am going to the church to get in an hour or two of lawn work. Tomorrow I will rise early to join friends and strangers in building a home for people with real troubles and much more tangible fears.

And I will be full....having been truly fed.