Thursday, September 30, 2004


I've only a moment or two to write before we're off to turn Amy into a pin cushion, which I'm certain is going to end up being my "blog fodder" for today. By the way, my mother-in-law the other day used the term "blog fodder," I think that has to be symbolic of something...if nothing else I have a hip mother-in-law.

First off, I'm testing a relatively new browser called Firefox. If you're into this type of thing, it's worth checking out. Personally I think I may actually jump from Internet Explorer simply because I can set up all the pages I check each morning in a "tabbed folder" and it will load them all at once. That will save me time...and time is a precious thing when you rise before the Sun.

On the slightly less geeky side of things, I suppose everyone has received an email from someone in Nigeria offering gazillions of dollars if you'll only provide these benevolent folks with your bank account number. I stumbled across a hilarious (albeit there is some bad language) site run by a guy in Houston who decided to go after those spammers/con men in his own unique way.

He communicates with the spammers/con artists pretending to be everything from a little old lady in a nursing home to a rap artist wannabe and then documents his correspondence. Some of it is very funny, but again if you are offended by coarse language, or you are one of my nieces, don't go there. It's called

That's all for now...more later on mystics and pinpricks.