Tuesday, September 28, 2004

An Amy Update

Amy and I leave shortly for another doctor and a couple of other medical procedures. Not sure if we'll be coming home together or not. He may admit her to the hospital after he's done.

I'm ready to camp out...crossword puzzles and books...I'm getting too used to this I think.

One thing is definite, the gastric tube is coming out since it's only been a source of pain. It's being replaced with something more advanced. Hopefully that will reduce her pain and we can stay on track. It would be nice to give her a period of actual healing, but I've learned to take each day as it comes, and pray each day that God will eventually fill me in.

If she doesn't get stuck back in the hospital, we're going to give acupuncture a try this week. Our insurance covers it and I can't see how it could hurt...of course it's Amy who has to get needles stuck in her not me.

Anyway...this is all I'll have time to write today I suspect.

I know the prayers are there, please know we appreciate them.