Sunday, August 22, 2004

Seeya Sigar

That was fast...too fast I think. Such is the pace of life I suppose. Chuck Sigar did get a chance to see our small community of believers...and worship with us. Gordon and I pointed out a few areas and people of which Gordon has written...and then he was gone, driving off to help his daughter move back to college, a fine university I might add where I spent many a year studying beer, and eventually radio t.v. film.

Chuck didn't truly have time for anything else, which was a little sad, I especially wish he and Gordon had more time together, but there were highways ahead and I've known the feeling...the anxiousness to get to where you know you're going to have to be sometime.

I did get one picture of our rather sorry looking trio at least.

Click to enlarge

Who knows...when those two guys are rich and famous authors I'll get them to sign it...or perhaps blackmail them to take if off my blog :)

Adios Chuck and God's speed.