Thursday, August 26, 2004

Lighter Burdens

Today was a good day...didn't start that way, but it's been a good day.

Got in my car this morning to a glowing red "low coolant" light, which was not a good sign considering I had the coolant replaced in a 300 dollar repair job earlier this week. I should also add that when I say "morning" I mean 2:15 a.m. Having recently sold Amy's van, I had no other options but to hope for the best and see what happened as I drove down the road. What happened was the temperature gauge rose faster than a gaggle of reporters hearing the words, "free donuts down the hall."

I pulled into a gas station, cautiously filled the overflow tank with water, and decided to drive to the shop where the repairs had been made. They weren't open of course but I decided I would leave it there and call for help.

Luckily, Rhonda was staying at the hospital with Amy and she came and fetched me. I got to work late...but life worked out. In terms of burdens this was a minor the time I got off work the car was fixed at no cost to me.

I've been thinking about burdens since the other day when I read about Kailashgiri Brahmachari.

His name may not be familiar to you, but he carries something of a burden every day...his mother. He is carrying her across India on his back to visit Holy sites. He's been carrying her for eight years, over 3800 miles, and figures it will take him another nine years to complete their pilgrimage.

His mother is blind and he considers the trek "the will of God."

Who am I to argue with him?

I do wonder though if the first words he says to his mother upon arriving at their final destination might be, "Ma, will you finally get off my back?"

Now Mary Dhume of Summerford, Ohio believes God was telling her to essentially "get off your butt." The other night she was watching TV in her living room and the phone rang. The phone is in another room so she got up. Seconds later, some guy in a pickup lost control on a curve and smashed into her living room, the truck came to rest on her chair. The errant driver was well enough to run away, although he was eventually caught. Mary was fine...and when she answered the phone, there was no one on the other end.

She sort of thinks God may have made that phone call.

Who am I to argue?

I do wonder what long distance plan He uses though.

I think Amy and I are seeing the light at the end of this most recent tunnel. When I spoke with her this afternoon she was unfettered from her "pole" which has been pumping her with everything from morphine to iron over the past month. She's still got some work to do, but her burdens seem lighter today.

More importantly there's a good chance she could be home in a few days. I'll get off my butt and carry her here if need be.
FYI- I've passed along to Amy many of the emails, comments and encouraging words so many of you have sent recently. She can be emailed at the hospital.
She's in room 520. The emails are hand delivered by little old ladies I call "bluebirds", but they dress in pink.

I'm sorry this is the only picture of one of the bluebirds I have available.

Well, I'm not that sorry...sometimes you have to see the humor in things in order to have a good day.