Friday, August 27, 2004

Dissin' You

This is the time of day I normally sit down to write. I have wrapped up my afternoon walk - yes, I know that's crazy in the afternoon South Texas heat but I really have no problem doing it now - and my mind is always clearer. Walking has become a discipline for me, as has writing.

In part discipline is what I want to write about, but right now I know I can't give those thoughts justice.

This is Friday.

That means I can shower, grab a pillow and some crossword puzzles (another discipline lately) and head back across town to spend long hours with Amy without worry of work or household chores.

So this post is more of a reminder to me to write later about discipline and discipleship; about lunches and unconditional love; and about how the gifts of God can oftentimes be encased in suffering.

It's dangerous to publicly proclaim my writing intentions, I may not be in the same state of mind when I next sit down here, but perhaps such declarations should be a new discipline for me to consider.

I don't know...I do know right now my time can be better spent at my wife's side, so that's where I'm heading.

After all, I adopted most of the disciplines in my life in hopes of becoming the man Amy deserves in hers.