Saturday, August 21, 2004

Chuck Con Carne

There is only one redeeming quality to this picture...I'm not in it.

It was the only photograph I took tonight, taken inside in bad light.

Yet I did want to post proof that Chuck made it to San Antonio safely, and met up with Real Live Gordon.

Despite the obvious fact that Gordon and I, who have lived in this area for years, couldn't give concise directions to Chuck's hotel one mile from my home, I'm fairly certain Chuck made it back safely.

We spoke of writing tonight...of family and faith. The talk turned to this strange community connected by our beliefs and as Chuck said, "Our bandwidth".

It is a bad photo...but the food was good. The conversation was as well.

There were no strangers around our table tonight.

The same will prove true worship.

It holds the promise of far more redeeming qualities...and perhaps better photography.