Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Amazing Grace And Randy

When Gordon, Chuck and I were having dinner the other night the talk turned to writing, and specifically that odd sensation each of us had felt, quite often, when we've sat down to write, not necessarily knowing where we were going and then suddenly everything seemed to fit together as if it were our intention all along.

It's a mysterious and wondrous feeling.

In days gone by writers and people of a creative spirit gave credit to muses, personally I believe we are guided by a much higher power.

I believe God bestows upon us all certain gifts and creativity is one of them. When we utilize those gifts it is a form of worship as far as I'm concerned.

It needn't be artistic...I think I've mentioned before that I believe service is also a form of worship...I've scrubbed toilets for God...still do.

I suppose everyone has their own way of worshipping God...we each differ a little, even those of us who share denominations and doctrine.

For me, writing is another form of worship. I am reaching out with my thoughts, certainly to you, but also to God.

For Amy, singing is how she worships God.

The first time I saw her sing, there was no mistaking it. I could hear her gratitude and wonderment in every note.

She hasn't had the chance to sing much lately, even before she was in the hospital it was touch and go each Sunday as to whether she'd be well enough to lead our music team.

The other day, my friend and longtime morning partner on one of the radio stations I work for, Randy Carroll, asked if I thought Amy might enjoy him coming up to the hospital with his guitar and singing with her. Randy is the music director for his church as well and lately has been anxious to involve himself in our lives.

It was a wonderful idea, so wonderful I didn't even have to ask Amy (which is a big step believe me). I told her though and she was thrilled.

Today it happened.

There's not much more to be said.

I wish you could have been there to hear it. Amy wasn't in a very strong voice. She is still tied to IV's and has various gizmos protruding from various parts of her anatomy, but she was worship God.

Occasionally a nurse would pop her head in the door and smile. We asked if it was too loud and were told to please continue.

I recorded some of the songs on my Pocket PC but the quality is too poor to post, and the files are too long in their entirety anyway.

So I'll leave you with this small sample of worship.

However believe me that it reflects a large measure of grace.