Thursday, August 12, 2004

5,4,3,2, One

I rack my brain nightly for hours trying to think of ways to help Amy. It's not been very productive. I lose sleep and still I fail to find an answer or a plan.

I walked into Amy's hospital room this morning to find her inconsolable. I can't blame her. She's hooked to so many machines, they're pumping her full of drugs...she doesn't feel like she's making any progress and it's hard.

I work very hard to try to maintain composure when I'm with her. I try to reassure her. Too often I fail at both.

In practical terms, this week sucked. There were too many life challenges, too much fatigue, and so much frustration.

It also was perhaps the most enlightening week of my life spiritually. I honestly have never felt God's presence more.

I'm not going to write any more tonight.

I have four things left to do. I need to go deposit the check I received from the couple who bought Amy's van this afternoon.

I need to call Amy and reassure her.

I need to pray, and I need sleep.

One day at a time...growing through discomfort...trusting God.

Okay, five things to do: try to remember the plan was never mine.