Saturday, July 31, 2004

Why Elvis Is On Our Fridge

I don't remember when she did it, but Amy de-pictured our refrigerator...and Las Vegas is fading.

Today I noticed there are only a few photographs stuck on our refrigerator. The fridge used to be littered with pictures, mostly of people I didn't know or didn't know well. Photographs people sent along with Christmas cards or on other occasions, folks who are sort of acquaintances or people we knew long ago but don't really know any more. I suppose it says something about your place in our lives if your face is stuck on the fridge. You're too important for the trash, but you're also coming between us and the food.

I guess Amy finally got tired of looking at icebox strangers, so she culled the photos down to only a handful.

Two are pictures of us in Las Vegas. Both are very bad.

The first picture was taken on our honeymoon. Yes, we honeymooned in Vegas. Amy had never been there....or any place like it.

She played the tourist...I played the fool

It's actually a postcard, which Amy mailed back home to us. I had to digitally enhance it because the colors are fading. It wasn't exactly high quality photography to begin with, even before it started to fade you had to look twice to realize I am wearing a Viking helmet. Amy is wearing a t-shirt featuring the "Elvis stamp", which probably reveals more about both of us than Amy would appreciate.

The other picture was taken four years later and I think it's the only photo we have from that trip.

It was taken for "free" on Fremont Street which is littered with little casinos and a variety of sidewalk barkers whose goal is to hustle you inside. The goal of the people inside is take your money. One of the pitchmen fancied himself to be Elvis. He was a bad Elvis, and a bad pitchman for that matter, but we had our picture taken with him before politely passing on his invitation to enter that gritty little version of Graceland.

That picture is fading faster than the first one.

When I saw those pictures today I decided I had to scan them quickly. Even though they survived Amy's purging of the fridge gallery, it's obvious soon the images will fade out of existence.

They say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but some of what happens there I want to stay on our fridge, or at least in our memories.