Thursday, July 29, 2004

While The Dogs Do...

I left the office a little early - thank you God for an understanding boss - so I could come home and feed the dogs before going to the hospital. Now I have about five minutes to kill waiting for the dogs to finish their business, although I doubt they know they're on a timer.

Not that I would tell them even if I could, I wouldn't want to trigger a bout of performance anxiety.

I had a long talk with Amy's surgeon last night on the phone. It was something I needed since he tends to pop in to see Amy in the hospital on an irregular schedule, invariably when I'm not there. Amy sometimes is half asleep and doesn't ask a lot of questions. The surgeon was kind enough to call me to make sure I was in the loop and I think we've now set that precedent for the future. It's going to be essential since I've got to work and can't be at the hospital all the time.

Anyway, I am about as optimistic as I've been in more than a year that the path we're on now will eventually restore Amy to her former pain free self. It ain't instant pudding though...the process is going to take a while and if things go exactly as we hope it will still require another major surgery...that seems unavoidable now, but it also appears we'll be able to have some say in the timing.

That's more than I can say for our dogs...their time is up. Hopefully they've done what they needed to do... pardon the pun.

I'm off to the hospital.