Friday, July 30, 2004

What The If?

I was on the phone with Amy's sister tonight (her real sister, Lisa, not her parent's dog who is occasionally referred to as her sister) going over the battles Amy and I have been through, most recently with the medical community, and I asked somewhat jokingly, "I'm not an angry guy right? When did it become necessary to browbeat people into doing the right thing...into doing their jobs?"

It seems like recently I've far too often had to cajole, criticize, and occasionally threaten to kill in order to get people to act with a modicum of common sense. I mean I've had to be that way with a lot of people.

I don't remember it being like this.

I know there's a lot of stress in my life these days, but truthfully, putting modesty aside for a moment, I'm good at stress. That's one reason I get paid to do the job I do, not because I can do it blindfolded when everything is going well, but because when everything falls apart...I don't.

I am not one of those guys you see with veins bulging from their foreheads who you think, "Oh man...he's gonna blow." Really...I'm very laid back. I don't panic too often. I can be cranky, especially if I don't get sleep, but it's hard to make me least I thought it was...until recently.

Is it me? Am I over reacting when people run into my car and then try to deny they were even in an accident? Is it absurd for me to think phone companies should provide phone service? Am I the only one who's mystified that a radiologist would decide to do a rather common procedure on my wife in a completely uncommon way for no apparent reason?

For the record: these are rhetorical questions only because I'm afraid any way you answer might tick me off.


FYI- We resolved the latest issues regarding Amy's medical care this afternoon by having her most recent procedure redone the way it was supposed to be done originally. She is still in pain and it has been made worse because of what she went through today.

We are grateful for your continued prayers.