Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Preachers, Mullets And Kinsmen Redreamers

I rarely remember my dreams.

I don't think there is a deep psychological reason for this; I suspect that it's more likely due to my odd sleeping schedule and a certain sense of self preservation. My waking life is weird enough, if I remembered what was happening in my sleep I might doubt my sanity even more than I already do.

I am certain I dream, but usually any memory of what has transpired in my slumber is instantly washed away as soon as I open my eyes.

Amy, on the other hand, often has long elaborate dreams with vast casts of characters, plots and certain elements of profundity. It's been a running gag with us for years that sometimes we'll wake up and she'll tell me her dream leaving out no detail then when she's done, usually 10 to 30 minutes later, I'll share details of my nocturnal drama usually I say, "I dreamed of a fluffy bunny."

Amy's dad, Bernie, interprets dreams. This not some mystical or new age power, some years ago he immersed himself in the writings of Carl Jung. Amy's father is something of a renaissance man, and I believe the tale of how he came to study Jung provides insight into the tools God uses in redemption, but I also believe that is a story for him to tell. Suffice it to say his dream interpretations are well known in our family.

I mention this only because I actually remembered part of a dream I had this afternoon which I suspect might mystify Amy's father, perhaps even Jung himself...although Jung's dead so I would suppose most anything would be a surprise to him at this point

The dream involves Gordon - our pastor who is known to many in the blogworld as Real Live Preacher, me, a swimming pool and a woman with a mullet hairstyle.

I know Gordon has mentioned mullets at least once in passing on his blog, but I don't believe he's shared the fact that he has a certain fascination with mullets. He's not alone. A quick search of Google will point you to some 380 thousand websites devoted to some aspect of "the mullet." As with many revelations provided by Google, this is an aspect of humanity I'm perfectly capable of ignoring.

Anyway, back to the dream. Gordon and I are in a swimming pool, to the best of my recollection this has only happened once in real life - when Gordon baptized me and resisted the temptation to hold me under. Across the pool is a woman. I don't recall whether she is old or young, what she's wearing, or even the color of her hair. All I remember is that she has a mullet.

There's not much more to the dream, it ends with Gordon asking the woman, "Did you get your mullet at the airport?"

That's it. The entire dream...or at least all I remember.

What's odd is that I know I've dreamed this same thing before...both times I woke up laughing.

I have a feeling I'd be better off sticking with the fluffy bunny story....then again, maybe I've been misinterpreting that dream all these years.

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