Saturday, July 03, 2004

Moving On

Now that we're fully's time to pack. We'll leave this morning for Lake Erie. Amy and I will be driving the "little truck that might" which has always provided a certain aura to our travels. It provides Amy and I with only enough room for each other, no air conditioning, and countless stories. This year we've been told the screeching noise under the hood is "benign" and we've been given a spray bottle of soapy water with which to spritz the serpentine ("SERPENTINE SEPENTINE!"- Sorry) belt. We've been told periodic spritzing will end the screeching. I feel utterly confident in this approach to car repair.

It's the stuff of which adventures are made.

There is little chance I will blog for the next week. If you'd like to read a little more about our family tradition...there are several entries from last year at this time in the July 2003 archives, including one I especially like called, Bars, Bells and The Bulletin Man even a few pictures.

So until next week.

God Bless you and keep you.

P.S. On two completely unrelated notes.. Marlon Brando died..I've mentioned previously our vacations are bad for celebrities. Hollywood should really pay us not to go to Lake Erie.

Secondly, I saw a full-page ad in USA today this week from an organization called It was very moving. I wish I could find a full reprint of the ad.

It reminded me that so often in life we don't see the whole story. I'm not talking about the "media" or the war per se, although that's certainly true. I'm referring to the everyday life we see with our own eyes, and our own perceptions and biases.

It's a good reminder that the truth as we see it, is still very often just that, only what we see.

To find real truth, we must see with more than only our eyes.

Look for wisdom in community...look for God there too.

Enough waxing philosophical....It's time to pack the little truck that might...