Monday, July 12, 2004

The Law of Returning Diminished

We're home. The house is a wreck...we weren't burglarized, that's how we left it in the frantic rush to "pack light".

Despite using an entire suitcase for "food you can't get in Ohio" on our way there, we ended up having to swipe a suitcase from Amy's parents to have enough room to bring everything back. I don't know how this occurs, which is probably what mother rabbits say too.

Anyway, the house has a funky smell...that might be what a house smells like when the dogs that normally live there haven't been living there for a couple of weeks. I don't know. It's a new smell.

I'm sure it will go away when we clean or at least change when I fetch the dogs back.

We had no major incidents in our air travels home. No broken jars of pickles (pickles you can't get in Texas...actually you can't get them in Amy's sister in Oklahoma brought them to Ohio so we could bring them to Texas. We traded her hot sauce you can't get in Oklahoma - the family that barters foodstuffs together...). No broken bottles of wine (wine you can't get in Texas and which really only tastes good on a warm afternoon at Lake Erie but sometimes if you close your eyes...)

We did apparently manage to leave our toothbrushes and my razor behind...I can't figure that one out.

I'm convinced the TSA stole my San Antonio Police Officers Association T-Shirt. They're not suspects in the toothbrush caper though.

An update on the Bulletin Man is forthcoming, it's somewhat sad I suppose, but there is a lesson there.

I think I'll have to write about faith and the family dynamic, but I'm not certain how I'll do that yet.

After 6 or 7 hours of air travel I'm really not certain of anything...except that I'm going to spray a little more Fabreeze around the house, open a bottle of wine from Lake Erie, and praise God for safe travel and family...not necessarily in that order.

It's always nice to be home...even if you have to close your eyes - hold your nose occasionally, and admit your teeth are a little fuzzy.


This morning the toothbrushes were discovered. I now feel better about the world...and the feeling is probably mutual.