Friday, July 16, 2004

An Ink Blot or Red Tape?

I suspect Amy and I are about to travel into bizarro world today. We're doing battle with the government over Amy's request to be considered for disability. The first request was denied in a heartbeat, which we've been told is the standard procedure. The appeal is now in the works but they're not asking Amy's physical medical conditions to be evaluated, at least not yet. That seems odd since four surgeries and umpteen hospitalizations, combined with on-going pain and the inability to eat are sort of the issues least that's what we thought. Uncle Sam thinks the best person to evaluate Amy today is some pshrink. If I understood the government's thinking I think I'd be eligible to apply too.

The prospect of this appointment has triggered various panic attacks and confusion for Amy.

Of course that may work to our benefit.

Maybe the government does have our best interests in mind after all.