Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday Night Fragments

Sometimes I have to clean out the mental closet in order to think clearly....tonight is one of those times.

Please forgive this small dip into the stream of consciousness to deal with loose ends and the open ended.

Phones -

Our land line phone service is still out, but the call forwarding solution is working fine, and I think I've convinced Amy that we can do away with Caller ID (they charge 10 bucks for that now, remember when it was 2 dollars?). We're going to become one of those families that screen calls instead. If you call us you will always get the answering machine as of next week, but we'll pick up if we're here...and if we don't owe you money.

Pedometer -

My blog buddy Jim commented recently on my post about the pedometer that he didn't think such devices "really measure anything. You pre-set it as to how long your stride is and, when you trigger it to begin, all it's really doing is chalking up a stride for every second or so". I disagreed with him in the comment area but I wanted to elaborate a little here. First off, my pedometer doesn't even have an off switch, so it's definitely triggered by movement, not simply by time.. Admittedly if you sit in a chair and shake the thing, it'll think you're walking, but if you put it on and walk it's very accurate. I know this, because I tested mine today. I did the normally unthinkable for me; I read all the instructions. I calibrated the little gadget as best I could. Then I got in my car and drove the route I walk every day, measuring the distance with the trip meter in my car. It turns out I walk almost exactly 3 miles. Tonight I strapped on the pedometer and walked the route. When I arrived back home the distance read: 3.01 miles. That's good enough for me. Still I'm stunned to think you have to walk three miles to burn off the calories from a donut or two.

Phantasm -

My father-in-law interpreted the dream I wrote about recently. It was a truly amazing analysis. I don't want to get too detailed here, because I now know it's an ongoing process and I want flesh it out more. Suffice it to say his interpretation makes a great deal of sense to me, and in fact reflects an issue that I have been personally wrestling with for some time: the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I know it's hard to initially envision how a dream about pools, airports and mullets might lead there, but you'll simply have to take my word for it for now. I promise to write more about that when I can do it justice.

Prayers -

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. -Matthew 5:3

I believe when we are at our lowest points in life we are often the closest we have ever been to God. Tonight I know a number of folks are in obvious need of prayer, even though I really only know them from their blogs, comments and emails. Big Fish and L's youngest child is in the hospital with a serious infection. Things are looking better now but she is still very sick. She is only three years old.

A small child, a high fever. Young parents in a big hospital. There is no way to rest except in your arms Father. God I ask for healing, peace, and patience,

Pastor Tina and her husband were burglarized the other night. Actually it was their church that was broken into, but they also live in their church. Some "stuff" is missing and so is their insurance coverage which is bad enough, but Tina's cat, Gizmo, also disappeared in the chaos. He's 16 years old.

God, I believe there is no request too great or too small to bring to You so I pray for calm and comfort. I pray for forgiveness for people who prey on others...and yes, I pray for cats and closure.

My blog friend who now writes at Aelki is adjusting to independence and coping with solitude. She's a young woman starting out on her own with great hopes, great potential, but some trepidation. Haven't we all been there?

Father, be with those of us who feel alone and fearful. May this prayer serve as a reminder that we need feel neither.


Bobbie at Emerging Sideways has been inspirational to me in many ways. She and her husband have been through some tough times...together. Her story about their financial struggles is especially moving and has given me great hope. If you haven't read it yet, you should.

Personal -

As many of you are aware Amy has had some ongoing health issues. A couple of months ago we made a decision to put everything in neutral for a while to give us time to clear our minds and focus on family. We were able to cut through some of the medical clutter and also get away to be with those we love dearly. I believe that was a healthy decision.

Now Amy and I are renewing the medical process that we put on hold. She underwent another medical test today. It's likely there will be more and most certainly additional decisions to make.

I am confident we will find the other side of this sometimes murky journey eventually, but I humbly ask for your continued prayers for patience,
strength and optimism.