Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Wind Is There In Spirit

Several years ago, my preferred form of exercise was bicycle riding. My preferred excuse not to ride back then was usually not the rain, or the heat, it was often the wind.
If the wind was blowing hard I automatically knew it would be a tough ride. Sure, when the wind is at your back it's great, but sooner or later you have turn into the wind and on a bike that translates into a lot more work. If the wind is blowing really hard, it can be truly exhausting and can ruin a good ride.

Recently, as I've mentioned, my preferred form of exercise is walking. Ironically though I've actually tried to convince myself on occasion that it was reasonable to skip my daily march because of the lack of wind.

There is actually a modicum of sense in this admitted rationalization. For example, yesterday it was hotter than blazes, humid enough to make any swamp creature smile, and there wasn't so much as a whisper of a breeze. By the time I finished my trek I was completely depleted.

However if there is even the slightest movement of air on any given day, I know when I climb a tough hill or exit into an open area at a brisk pace, I will be refreshed almost instantly by the breeze. The wind helps me maintain and often regain my momentum.

I'm told in both Hebrew and Greek the term Holy Spirit is something of a translation injustice. In Hebrew this component of the Godhead is often described with the word ruah; in Greek, the term k'numah is used. Both of these are powerful descriptions when teamed with the Lord. They literally translate to the very breath or wind of God.

It dawned on me today how my exercise efforts have been something of a metaphor for my spiritual growth.

When I have found myself fighting the wind, I have been slowed and at times defeated. When I find myself seeking the very breath of Christ...the God Wind...I am refreshed, renewed....and I know I can keep going.

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. - Job 12:10