Saturday, June 05, 2004

Who Is Who?

X-"You know I've spent my entire existence trying to please you."

Y-"All I've ever wanted is your love and approval."

X-"I don't know if you even hear me."

Y-"Sometimes I think the standards you set for me are impossible."

X-"I want so desperately to be part of your life."

Y- "I need your respect."

X-"I respect your needs."

Y-"I wish I could prove to you how important you are to me."

Y-"I wonder if I can ever truly please you."

X-"Sometimes I wonder if you even know I'm alive."

Y-"I want to be what you expect me to be but that's not always possible."

X-"I only want you to need me."

Y- "Are you there? Are you listening?"

X-"Sometimes it's like you don't want to see me."

Y-"Why don't you answer me?"

X-"Why can't I hear you?"

Y-"Don't be afraid to ask more of me"

X-"You can never expect too much of me."

Y-"Have I hurt you?"

X- "Please, trust me."

Y- "Maybe you don't need me."

X- "No one can hurt me like you can."

X-"I know what you want to hear, but sometimes you don't listen"

Y-"I hear you, but sometimes I can't answer."

X-"Do you really love me?'

Y-"Do you really love me?"

X&Y-"Sometimes I fear I've failed you."