Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Stress Level Reaching Critical

I've discovered why I enjoy vacations so much....because preparing for them is so stressful.
Amy and I swore we were "going to pack light" this year.

I'm going to need Sherpas to schlep all the stuff we're bringing.

In any case, work is done. The job will survive without me and vica versa. Our bags are packed, except for Lisa who seems to be oblivious to stress...I think she's doing her nails.

All systems are go.

Next stop...the joys of airline security. At least I'm a seasoned traveler now. I know to take off my Rockport walking shoes. Last year I thought I must match the profile of some known terrorist because I was stopped and subjected to so many searches along the way. I think Amy was even getting suspicious.

I finally figured out there was metal in my shoes which sets off all the bells and whistles. Of course I figure that out on the way home.

Am I rambling? Of course I am. This is that horrible time when you're all ready to go, but you can't leave yet because it's too early. So you wander around doing meaningful things like bellowing at your wife, "Are you sure you packed deodorant?"

I'm fairly certain they sell deodorant in Ohio even if she's wrong. At least I don't recall meeting any particularly offensive Ohioans.

Oh well, time for one last check of everything. I think I get two more before I qualify as someone with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Let's see....first thing on the check list - turn off computer.