Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Stare

The fever is setting in. My boss sees it. He's been peppering me with questions and it's apparent that he knows.

He also knows there is no cure.

Our vacation is within reach.

For several months now Amy and I have had one get to the end of the June and be spiritually, physically and financially capable of getting the heck out of town. Now we can taste it. It's taken a lot of planning and prayer. We're still going to resemble something akin to a M.A.S.H. unit, but we're going to make it.

I actually managed to keep the fever at bay a little longer than usual this year, in part because I feared we wouldn't be able to pull it off and I wanted to be ready to minimize the disappointment. Today though, the fever's grip took hold in full force.

My boss started panicking - trying to plan for the weeks ahead but he was met with only "the stare".

The "you realize my mind is somewhere else" stare. The "I don't really care" stare.

Tomorrow morning I will go over some of my duties with one of my co-workers who will be picking up a few of my responsibilities while we are gone. She will panic, but the best I will be able to offer is a sympathetic stare.

She'll forgive's the fever.

Next week I'll spend several additional days answering the same frenzied questions, but my mind will already be elsewhere. In the water.

Wednesday I will walk out the door ready to feed my fever...staring straight ahead with no desire for the moment at least to look back.