Friday, June 04, 2004

A Side Order of Sanity

First rule of blogging...don't blog about blogging.

Blew that.

Last time Joey, my stepson. was in town he asked me with a great deal of incredulity, "Why do you blog anyway?"

I didn't really have an answer.

I enjoy writing. I wanted a daily discipline in my life. It's free?

When I challenged myself to write every day, I did attempt to set a limit on how much of my time that writing would occupy. As I recall, I imposed the random standard of no more than an hour a day.

I adhered to that least for the first hour.

Writing here occupies more of my time lately.

I suppose that's due in part to our lifestyles. Amy's health issues keep us close to home, the pesky general limitations of poverty, we have only basic cable, the Spurs tanked and the worst one of all...I'm getting old and boring.

I've wrestled a lot of demons in my life, some have ripped at the very bowels of my beliefs...they've all left scars. Now I'm a creature of few bad habits....heck, there are illegal drugs people take nowadays the effects of which I'm completely oblivious too. The names of some of those drugs I can't even pronounce.

So I readily confess to diving into this swirling vortex of words to purposely lose occasionally find myself.

Although Amy has at times referred to herself as a "blog widow", I know she understands and is supportive... unless of course I publish a candid picture of her.

God? Thanks for that forgiveness thing.

Still, Joey's question haunts me and I still have no real answer.

This is simply where all the mixed up stuff in my life blends together.

Call it sanity succotash.

At least I'm getting my vegetables.

(Written in an hour or less. See? It shows!)