Saturday, June 26, 2004

Random Ramblings

I'm down to one Gmail invitation, although I suspect they'll offer me more.

I mentioned this to Bet from Dappled Things that the controversy surrounding Gmail is over Google's admission that it plans to target text based ads at Gmail users based on the content of their emails. It's not like Google employees will be reading the emails, some computer will get that thrilling task and make assumptions on what ads might be appropriate. Although this has given some folks an excuse to get their knickers in a twist over "privacy issues", personally I think it may be fun.

I've never considered email to be private, and you shouldn't either. It's more like a postcard; there are all sorts of opportunities for other folks to read it in the pipeline of the Internet. I also don't write a lot of secret steamy stuff in email, so I don't really care who reads it. I will confess I'm tempted to add some random word to every Gmail email I send, simply to see what type of ads it eventually provokes. I'm thinking "frogs" might be a good word...or maybe "elastic".

I'm easily amused.
Is it only me, or does it seem like shoelaces don't work any more? I don't recall having to double tie my shoelaces when I was growing up. If I don't double tie shoelaces now, they come undone in seconds. It doesn't matter what type of shoes I'm wearing...okay, I don't have the problem with sandals or loafers.

Was there a change in shoelaces some time ago that I missed? Seems like we should have gotten to vote on that one.