Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Preacher Spike

I was half planning on writing today about how my brief dalliance with blogger fame was waning.

After being mentioned recently when Gordon outted himself as Real Live Preacher the number of visitors to my normally quiet little blog spiked dramatically. I noticed yesterday however that my 15 minutes of blogosphere notoriety appeared to be fading.

Now Gordon's done it again and the hit counter is spinning at an abnormal rate.

So, welcome all you RLP readers.

I have to confess I did call Gordon and half heartedly inquire if he was playing one of his social engineering experiments - remind me to blog sometime about the time I took him to a bar and we spent the night altering the mood of several well oiled folks in the crowd by making specific musical selections on the jukebox - but he assured me his motives were far more pure than that.

I believe him...he is my Pastor after all.

Of course now that I've planted the seed...