Wednesday, June 16, 2004

One For The Little Guy

Sometimes when I wake up and realize I need more sleep, I reach out and cling to whatever little thing I can to hit the day in stride.
This morning was one of those days...I grappled in the dark, showered myself awake, stumbled my way through some emails and work related stuff.

Then I sat back...took a deep breath and uttered the words I know will carry me through the day.

"The Lakers lost."

For an unabashed Spurs fan, there is justice in that...and to see a team like Detroit, which is made up of primarily "little guys" (can you name more than 2 players on the Pistons?), it was all I needed.

David topples's 2 a.m and a long day is ahead, but all is right with the world at this particular moment.

P.S. - My apologies to Lakers fans...there's always next year.