Friday, June 04, 2004

Luau Luau, Oh No Me Gotta Go

My company is hosting a little gathering for employees this evening and we're going.

Amy has been feeling lousy all week. We think (and actually pray) it's due to dehydration. Today we convinced the medical minds that be of that diagnosis and also not to hospitalize her. Instead she's going to administer fluids at home for a few days and we'll see if that leads to an improvement.

I thought we would simply pass on the company event, but Amy is rather insistent that we do something "fun". She doesn't apparently see the light moments that I do in sweeping up dog hair around the house and looking at the caller ID to determine if a bill collector is on the line.

So we're off for the night, or as much of it as we can take.

The theme for the evening is a "luau".


The joke around the office is the company is throwing this little party "in luau a raise."

*Artwork swiped from Penelope Illustration