Monday, June 28, 2004

The Gift

Today is my birthday. I hesitate to mention that, but it's germane to the events of the day, and it's nothing to be ashamed's not like I'm 50....yet.

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No birthday cake please... I'm still watching my girlish figure.

We spent much of today running around doing all those last minute things you do in preparation for vacation, but ours included getting arrangements made with our home health care agency to "overnight" Amy's supplies to her in another state. They were fabulous about it.
We also had to meet with Amy's surgeon one last time and go over our game plan.

This trip has been our main goal for at least the last three months. I firmly believe it's going to do wonders for Amy's health.

We've put off other medical decisions and concentrated a lot of prayers toward making sure this family tradition did not get derailed.

Amy's doctor has been wonderful in understanding our intentions and working with us to try to make sure that we can leave town with everything we need, including peace of mind.

When the doc said, "As far as I'm concerned, we've covered all the bases and you're good to go" all I could think of was, "Thank you, God...that is the only birthday gift I truly desired."

We've got a few more issues to contend with, ramrodding a prescription past the insurance Nazis ahead of their pre-determined timetable is one of them. We've also got to figure out how to keep Amy medicated "in flight" with security folks frowning on syringes. However I'm confident we'll clear those hurdles as well... in fact I'm certain it's going to be a piece of cake.