Friday, May 21, 2004


I have an idea for spending our tax dollars. Hey, they spend our money on all sorts of silliness already why shouldn't I get to contribute a suggestion or two?

I propose the city build "Nap stations" at points along the freeway. I'm not talking about highway rest stops populated by idling diesel rigs and people who aren't bothered by the term "unsanitary". I want spots where, on sunny days, you could pull over your car, crawl onto a soft spot of ground and take a nap.

It seems like every day on the way home from work I am at my sleepiest and if I weren't driving I could get in a really good of those, "Oh man, THAT was a great nap!" naps. You know, like when you unintentionally slip off to slumber on the couch and wake up energized and refreshed. I can feel a nap like that coming on in the warmth of my car almost every day, but I of course have to resist the urge since if I dozed off while driving it would slow down traffic and the maniacs on the freeway would panic, honk, and assail me with various hand gestures...even more than they usually do. Invariably by the time I get home each day, the nap urge fades...I'm no longer in the zone

If we had public nap stations though, I wouldn't have to miss out on those perfect mid morning nap opportunities when the sun is ideal, and the day has not yet warmed into a level of discomfort.

It seems like a plausible idea to me.

I think I'll sleep on it.