Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I've worked for the largest out of home media company on earth since 1985. Of course back then it wasn't the largest anything. It wasn't until recent years, more specifically since the last presidential election that the company began being called "The Great Satan". I'm not sure who had that title before then but evidently it's sort of like the Miss America crown, it rotates.

I know the company I work for, I know the people who make up the company and I know that most of the company's critics have their own agendas. Suffice it to say I wouldn't work for Satan, even if he paid me well. Now, if you want to argue that Clear Channel should pay its grunts more, then I might jump on your bandwagon.

However, I don't really use this space to talk about work. This is my place to talk about important things like memories, and love, and green beans. Topics like the Spurs, dogs and God. You know, stuff that matters.

I will say there is a good article in the Washington Times today which debunks much of the blabbering about Clear Channel. If you have an interest in that topic I would direct you there as well as the April 2004 edition of Texas Monthly magazine which had a very balanced article called "The Voice of America." I'd link to the article on line but Texas Monthly requires a subscription...dang capitalists.