Saturday, May 08, 2004


Since Amy was released from the hospital in late January she's been for the most part relegated to the couch, which we've dubbed "Camp Amy".

Monday Amy will be readmitted to the hospital to have her central line removed. That's the line she uses to give herself various medicines as well as what she hooks up to the ever popular feedbag. Her body has been fighting this line, which has been in for a number of months, and so a new one will be put in on Thursday. That means she'll be spending all of next week in the hospital.

This is all a minor procedure and is really designed to get the infection under control so hopefully we won't have to be dealing with that when we go on our vacation this summer. She could probably have the line removed at home, but since we've already maxed out the deductible on our health insurance it's not going to cost us anything more to have her hospitalized. There's no sense taking chances.

On Monday we break camp.