Monday, May 24, 2004

Speed Blogging

No real time to write today. I am taking Amy to meet with her surgeon for our every couple of week, "Hey my wife is still in pain and you're still rich....this doesn't seem fair" appointment. Amy says she feels worse than she did for our last appointment, and that one landed her in the hospital, but I'm going to stay positive.

I woke up late thanks to setting my alarms 12 hours ahead, or behind depending on whether your a glass half full or glass half empty type. It almost threw off my morning but I managed to work around it until the corporate Internet system went down. As of this writing it's still down. If it stays that way, tomorrow morning will be a challenge...but what reason do I have to believe our corporate I.T. guys won't rise to the occasion? Don't answer that....I'm trying to keep my glass half full.

On a totally different subject, I've been thinking a lot lately about how we often allow little things to create vast differences among us. I plan to write about that as soon as I can sort it out in my mind - yeah, don't hold your breath. The thoughts were sparked by an unexpected email from the sister of another blogger, and from a blogger who -gasp- asked me a theological question.

I feel almost obligated to write on the subject if someone has gotten so far down on their list that they've stooped to asking me theological questions...I mean who would she ask next?

Don't answer that either... remember the glass.

Anyway, I need to write fast and get going. We have a couple of stops to make before the surgeon's office, one of which is the bank to deposit the check from the guy who ran into my car. I'm not going to get my car fixed. I'm going to enjoy looking at that dent, especially for the next couple of months. It's going to remind me of our upcoming vacation, because that guy's check is going to pay for it.

I'm a far cry from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm but I'm sticking with this looking at the bright side thing for a it half glass thinking.