Monday, May 31, 2004

Just Say Huh?

One of the interesting things about the new blogger templates is the profile section which keeps running stats. It says since I started writing this blog I've written 138,229 words.

That's the equivalent of a couple of fairly good sized novels....or the forward to a Tom Clancy book.
Has anyone else had it with the TV commercials for drugs that don't tell you what ailment they're used to treat? There's a reason for that. If the commercial mentions an actual disease, disorder, or dysfunction, the ads must also tell you the side effects. The ads that don't tell you what the drug is for are not required to tell you that it might result in cloven hoof syndrome or whatever. They can simply show you pretty pictures of happy people running through fields of daisies while the announcer urges you to"ask your doctor if profitmarginalis is for you."
Gee now I'm up to 138, 399 words.


Sorry I wanted to round it off...ack, now I blew that. This could be addictive.

I wonder if there's drug for this form of inanity.

If so, do you suppose there are side effects?