Wednesday, May 05, 2004


It's an anniversary and we almost forgot to celebrate.

It struck me the other night how something was absent from our lives these days. Besides money and sanity - Amy and I have arguably been lacking those for our entire married life.

It's something that until the other night I hadn't even realized was happening.

Here it is late spring and Amy and I have haven't been to one school concert, graduation related event, awards ceremony, or banquet. We haven't had to deal with a sudden crisis involving prom dates or a prom dress. No one in the house has been flipping through magazines looking for ways to glue their hair into some unnatural arrangement for a night. We've actually been able to watch the end of season television shows we wanted to see on the nights they aired, instead of taping them.

The Spurs are making their playoff run and I haven't had one night where I've pretended to be paying attention to someone giving a speech while wishing I was watching the game.

Uncomfortable chairs, looking at my watch while listening to someone stutter thru a poorly written speech, and using a plastic "spork" to try to dissect information about the true nature of the food in front of me despite being told repeatedly that even though it's unrecognizable it truly is chicken...we're missing out on all these things for the first time in 11 or 12 years.

There's got to be a bottle of champagne somewhere in the house...