Thursday, April 08, 2004


I learned today a friend's cancer has returned.

Many months ago, when I asked for prayer for my cancer stricken sister-in-law, this woman, whom back then I had only recently met, quietly came to me. She held my hand firmly and looked into my eyes as she said, "I am a cancer survivor."

It's a message she has repeated to me on several occasions...occasions when she perceived I needed to hear it. She was right.

She has provided me with hope, inspiration and courage; and she has done so with placid dignity and determination.

Now however her cancer is back, and as is the nature of this insipid disease it has silently wormed its way into several areas of her body.

She will fight, but her odds are not good. She knows that.

My friend is a calm woman. She has never wanted recognition or attention and she doesn't want it now.

So I will pray in subdued silence...but I will pray a lot.

Mine will be prayers for mercy and healing, but also prayers of thanksgiving.

The cancer may rob my friend of her life but it will not ever steal her true strength.

One day I will hold her hand as I pray. I will look into her eyes and tell her, "You have been a tool of God in my life...I am better for knowing you."