Thursday, April 29, 2004


A month or two ago we cut our cable service back to the cheapest level known to man as part of the Main Family slash and burn plan to avoid financial ruin. However, after returning all the high tech equipment to the cable empire we noticed we still received a lot of channels, including some we didn't even get before.

Personally, I was willing to let this situation ride. We had done our part; I figured the cable company would get around to doing theirs eventually.

Alas, Amy didn't think they were billing us right still, and she was correct, so she called the cable company last night.

They've credited our bill and also admitted they overlooked us. There now is no question about the level of cable service that is to be provided.

So far though, the channels we're not paying for are still coming in.

It's sort of a mixed blessing. I feel guilt free, but we also have this looming fear of the cable guy showing up at any time and clipping our mindless video wings.

Would it be wrong to pray that we slip through the cracks of the cable bureaucracy a little longer, like until the NBA playoffs are over?

That was rhetorical...I know the answer.

I don't like the answer, but I know the answer.