Thursday, April 22, 2004


I tried very hard last night to get close enough to a cardinal in our church parking lot to get a picture, but I was unsuccessful. He kept dashing away from me every time I got near.

By cardinal I mean the red bird kind, not the religious kind, we don't have cardinals in our church, although I hear in churches that do some are also occasionally hard to approach.

This particular bird is a fighter. He ruffles his feathers and charges his enemy. He is repelled every time, but each time he is undaunted, and goes back for more.

It really would be quite inspiring, except the enemy bird he repeatedly challenges for dominance is equally defiant.

You see, the bird our church cardinal "throws down" with is his reflection.

Yes, it's a regular sight to see this cardinal duking it out with his own image in the side mirror of various cars in our church parking lot.

It's amusing, but in a way it's also a little sad to see this creature confused by that which he will never understand.

I also find it a good reminder.

In truth, some of the most painful and some of the most futile battles I've endured in my life have occurred when I've failed to recognize that I was working against myself.

As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man - Proverbs 27:19