Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I woke up from my nap intending to go work on the church property. Then I figured I'd do that tomorrow, and instead take a walk before splurging with Amy on a trip to the high priced coffee shop.

We'll be somewhat frugal. I'll bring along my big glass of sweet tea - one of the nice things about Starbucks is they don't care if you drink their coffee, they'll still let you sit there - but I'll let Amy have a latte and we'll do a crossword puzzle or two.

So far the plan is working out fine, except I haven't walked.

I have posted meaningless stuff like this on the blog, and read a bunch of other folk's writings.

I'll walk after Starbucks....that sounds like a good new plan.

Admittedly some might interpret it as avoidance too, but in truth, everything is a matter of perspective.