Sunday, April 25, 2004


If there is an advantage to having a wife who can't eat, it is perhaps that it makes it a lot easier to stick to your own dietary restrictions.

Back in October I wrote about "Jack 36", my pastor's father-in-law, who has given me a number of pairs of pants that have a size 36 waist. I was bemoaning the fact that although Jack still saw me as relatively thin, at that time I couldn't squeeze my fat fanny into a size 36 even if aided by a shoehorn and an industrial size can of Crisco.

Today at church I wore a pair of slacks, with a size 36 waist, that Jack gave me several years ago. Only last week I couldn't fit into them. Admittedly today they were still a tad bit tight, but I wore them with no real discomfort.

Although I embarked on this dietary and exercise regime at the start of Lent for spiritual more than physical reasons I'm now fairly determined to keep after it. My goal is to be able to donate Jack's pants to someone else in a month or two, because they'll be too big for me.

Obviously dropping a few pounds, eating better, and exercising are all good things, but the true benefit of all this is that it's distracted my focus a little from Amy.

Don't take that wrong. Make no mistake; Amy is of paramount importance to me. She is, in fact, the most important thing in my life.

Yet, with God's help, I've realized that by concentrating a little of my time on me, I am better equipped to give my best to her.

Love should never be a tight squeeze.