Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Well, after whining about not having time to blog, I find myself for the past two afternoons having all this time. Instead of writing, I've been reading other blogs and commenting all over the place. I might as well write here.

In a few minutes, I'm taking Amy across town for blood tests and another visit with her surgeon. That's likely to be an eventful meeting since Amy will be praying very hard I don't become irate about the continued poor communication and missteps in her care. Luckily I got in a good nap today, so maybe I won't be cranky. I must admit I'm hoping to be cranky enough to get a few points across though.

Today was the first day since I started doing news for 8 stations at once that I actually felt like I had a handle on it. Every day prior to today I felt like I was cutting a corner in one area to complete work in another. Hopefully this means I'm getting into a routine.

I still am considering some changes though. I'm now leaving for work at 2 a.m. which means I'm on the road when the hard core drunks are leaving the bars. I've noticed a lot more traffic than when I drove in at 2:40. Today I called 911 for the second time since I started this schedule because I witnessed a car wreck on my way least 4 cars smashed into each other right behind me (no, I didn't cause it - one car hit a construction barrel and then it was every man for himself).

I'm thinking I might try actually writing some of my stories for other markets at home and emailing it all into the office, then I could leave a little later. I'd still have to get up as early as always, but at least I'd be giving the drunks a head start.

Side note: I'm still adhering to the fast I started on Ash Wednesday...including the exercise regime. As of this afternoon I've lost 25 pounds.