Saturday, April 24, 2004


It happened so fast. One moment he was this little kid. The top of his head barely reached my belt buckle. He had a wry sense of humor, and an extra measure of self esteem that seemed uncommon for one so young. I watched as he consistently surprised me with talents I didn't know he had much less that he had been cultivating and improving upon.

I remember the day Amy and I were sitting on the couch downstairs and Joey came down from his room and handed us probably 150 pages of writings. He said, "I've written a book. What publisher do I send it to?"

It was the first we ever heard he was writing anything.

I remember him demanding to know why the local newspaper wouldn't print his comics which he deemed far better than what they were publishing. I remember him calling the newspaper editor and asking the same question. He ended up getting a personal tour of the paper. I think he was about 12.

I'll always have those memories....and new ones I'm sure, but today one stark reality is staring me in the face.

My beloved stepson, Joey, is 21.

He's a full fledged adult, no longer only in his own mind, but in the eyes of the law.

Happy Birthday Joey.

You have always made me proud, and I am blessed to have played a small role in your life.