Saturday, March 27, 2004


Two weeks left of Lent. It seems like this time has flown by. I don't know if I've accomplished my goals of looking inward less, although I've held steady in my pledge to fast and walk.
I've about decided to maintain a very similar regimen even after Easter. I generally feel better. I've lost weight. I think I need the disciplines for more than 40 days.

Tonight I'm heading to an appreciation dinner for the church's lay ministers with mixed emotions. Amy is not feeling well enough to join me, and since I'm fasting I'll be limited in my food choices, but that's not truly the reason I am a bit reticent about this event.

I consider what I volunteer to do at our church a form of worship. In what amount to very small ways, I hope I am serving God.

Although I am thankful that the church leadership wants to make sure people understand they are appreciated, it still feels a little strange to me to be given recognition for honoring God.

Yeah, I'm still looking inward too much.