Friday, March 19, 2004


I suppose we found an honest transmission repairman...however honesty still doesn't come cheap. In any case, I'm one step closer to having Amy's van ready to sell. There are still several factors to consider including whether to make an insurance claim for her fender which was dented years ago and we never bothered to fix, not wanting to pay the deductible.

If I make the claim, I must also decide whether to actually get the fender repaired or pocket the insurance settlement and sell the van "as is".

I'll have to run the numbers and then we'll see.
I was offered another opportunity at the office today. It would dramatically expand my role in another city where I do some on air work. There are some kinks to figure out, but unlike many of the other things I've suddenly found on my list of duties, this one could result in a small increase in pay.

I suspect my boss in this city may be a little reluctant, but I think I can make it work.

I also have a few reservations, but I'm fairly certain God is screaming at me right now not to turn my nose up at any chance to legally earn a few extra shekels.

We'll see.
Amy's health, for those of you keeping track at home, has not made great strides. We had another visit with her surgeon. We're still running into walls communicating with other doctors supposedly involved in her care. Amy is still having pain when she eats and she's still having pain from her last surgery. The specter of another solution to her situation has now moved a little closer to the forefront. That step is one we're hoping to avoid.

But, we'll see.