Monday, March 29, 2004


So it goes. I haven't had any contact with the radio station in Waco since I was initially approached about doing some work for them. If things were going to fall into place, I was expecting I'd probably get the word today. I got my hopes up a little high for that one, it did seem like the answer to prayer, but if it's not to be that also means I won't have to adjust my schedule too dramatically which is certainly a plus.

Since radio people are associated world wide with adjectives like lazy and procrastinating, there is still the chance that the deal could work out, but I'm going to let a little more realism creep its way into my normal sunny outlook and figure it's most likely not to be. It's a shame, the work would have dovetailed perfectly into what I'm doing now and the money could not have come at a better time.

On the upside, I've about worked out the kinks with the new duties for the Corpus Christi stations and today I realized that may take even less effort than I expected. I think I can do what I'm being asked to do there by merely adjusting the process of what I do at the office, instead of adjusting my alarm clock. That would be a very good thing.