Monday, March 08, 2004


I've only got about two minutes to write. I've been running around this afternoon, and have a Deacon's meeting in 35 minutes. My fellow Deacon's would probably appreciate it if I showered first, since I finished my walk about 5 minutes ago.

I did want to get down a quick thought.

At the first of the year I mentioned that my true goal for this year was to simplify our lives. I felt our lives had become cluttered and confused. I asked God for help.

This weekend, the financial storm we had been dodging landed on our doorstep and we've had to enact some emergency measures. The storm has far from passed but no one is going to be threatening to break our legs either. I had to arrange the quick sale of some property, which I've actually wanted to do for sometime. I'm blessed to have a brother who has a real desire to help and also an honest wish to own that portion of land outright.

Today I also cut the cable. We had talked about this before and Amy finagled the cable company into reducing our bill substantially, in fact they actually gave us more services than we had before at a lower price. That was enough, especially while Amy was having so many medical problems. Today though, all of the cable boxes went back to the company and we are keeping only the minimum service which the company is required to offer. It's 11 bucks a month. I'll pay that for clear reception.

For Amy it means no BBC America...for me it means some Spurs games and other sporting events I will no longer be able to watch at home.

This is only the beginning. There are more harsh steps to come I suspect.

Yet, right now I feel so much better about our lives.

I also remember that I prayed for a more simplified life...

Isn't it funny how God sees the paths we overlook so often?

I'll admit I haven't always seen the humor in that....but it's hard to miss the paths once He points them out.