Thursday, March 25, 2004


I spent a good portion of this afternoon at the dentist, who is quite obviously too busy. I'll be going back because the crown I was supposed to be receiving today doesn't fit.

I spent the rest of the day having Amy's van cleaned and made ready for sale. I hope to put it on the market by the weekend.

I came home to an unexpected email from my boss mentioning that yet another radio station is looking for someone to do their morning news. This one is in Waco, about 180 miles north of San Antonio. Would it be possible for me to add this station to my list too?

My first thought was of my dentist who has too much to do and isn't doing it second thought was of our finances.

The Waco station is offering to pay a decent amount of money and it's a job I can do if I'm willing to adjust my schedule and work slightly longer (and earlier) hours.

There's no guarantee by any means I'll get it, but I quickly decided to send an email response saying I was interested.

I'm stunned at how rapidly this is evolving and I'll admit I'm a little concerned about the additional workload.

However, it would seem rather silly to spend time on my knees praying for answers only to neglect to get up to open the door when opportunity knocks.