Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I'll have to admit I'm in the dark about a lot of things...those of you raising your hands saying "Amen" can lower them now I didn't ask for affirmation. However I have to confess that I'm not certain as to what the purpose is of these 911 hearings going on in Washington.
I've seen all the finger pointing. I've listened to the political posturing from Republicans and Democrats. I've watched the speechifying. I've seen our Intelligence agency officials admit to the world that we have intelligence failures. I've heard apologies and promises. I've seen the sorrow and outrage from survivors and relatives of survivors.

But, what are we expecting is going to come out of this? Is a light going to suddenly shine down on someone to blame? Does anyone really expect that?

Again, maybe I don't get it, but it seems like all we're doing is prostrating ourselves for the entire world to see, including our many enemies. We're displaying our divisions and our flaws all at a time when, unless I missed the headline, the war on terror is still very much continuing.

I can't imagine anything coming out of these hearings beyond a final report acknowledging what everyone on earth already knows: The U.S. was vulnerable to attack on September 11th. The officials in charge wish it hadn't happened and have taken every step they can think of to prevent it from happening again. They, like everyone else, fear they haven't done enough.

That report will be released six months before the Presidential elections so it will become political fodder, further dividing the country...and the terrorists will still be out there.

Who benefits from this again?

Maybe we should hold hearings on why we held these 911 hearings. Personally I want answers.