Sunday, February 15, 2004


It's the small things.

The Sun is out today.

The backyard is drying out.

The dogs can play outside, and won't be covered in mud.

It's the small things.

A white cat ran across the street as I was driving to church this morning.

I'm not superstitious, but if black cats are bad luck on Friday the 13th, what does a white cat on the 15th symbolize?

I took it as a good sign.

It's the small things.

Late last night, Amy started having some unexplained twinges.

She became apprehensive and fearful of going to sleep.

Her sister, Lisa, came and joined us on the couch.

Lisa prayed a gentle prayer for peace, and sleep, and comfort.

It's the small things.

My wife stood next to me in church today.

We held hands and prayed to God.

Amy worshipped the Lord in song and I spent much of the time simply listening to her voice trying to conceal my tears.

It was the second time this year Amy has been healthy enough to be in church with me.

It's the small things.

That sometimes are big things.