Friday, February 27, 2004


I don't like to re-cover the same ground. This applies to many aspects of my life including business meetings and phone calls from creditors. It also pertains to my daily walking regimen. I've never been one who could walk on a track. I get bored. I need a starting place and a finish.

While walking these past couple of days I realized that to walk entirely around my neighborhood takes me almost 40 minutes, but after only a day or two of walking I could see that soon I was shaving a few minutes off that time. Today I looked for a way to stretch the walk without doubling back. I decided if I simply turned down a couple of cul-de-sac's along the way, I'd easily add the minutes I needed.

I saw them as soon as I made the turn. They were at the end of the street, beneath a small bridge, having a wonderful time. As with most dead end roads there is little or no traffic so I'm sure these two small red headed boys have become accustomed to ruling the area with their imagination fueled outdoor glee. Cars are a rarity. Overweight middle aged men stomping down the road wearing headphones must be an even more peculiar site.

It became apparent that they didn't think I could see them. As I lumbered their way, they would poke their bright red heads up every so often to catch a glimpse and then quickly retreat. Soon I not only could see them, I could hear their giggles. When I came upon the bridge, they threw themselves against the cement culvert in a last attempt to conceal themselves. I smiled and said, "I see you, ya know."

Their giggles erupted into full-fledged laughter and they punched each other playfully as I marched past them smiling.

I thought about those boys as I walked along. Although they were playing a game of concealment, in truth they were hoping very much I would spot them. The game wouldn't have been any fun otherwise.

It reminded me of the times in my life when I have claimed to hunger for God's attention, but have, at the same time, tried to hide from His influence.

How silly I must seem to God.

I wonder how often He wants to reach over, tussle my hair gently with His hands and lovingly say, "I see you, ya know."

I guess in way today, He did.